If this is how to contact Dana Swift, why not just list the email address? Rest assured I really want to get e-mail from humans, but not spammers! To help with that problem I have taken an unusual, but very effective approach.

Ok- to get an e-mail address for me, I need YOUR email address. I will add it to my database of known nice people and you will be able to get your mail through the filter. When you give me your mail address, rest assured, it will never be given out to anybody!

So how do I get a hold of you?

Enter your e-mail address here:

That wasn't so bad was it? In just a minute or two, you should receive a machine generated e-mail from me. (Sorry about the impersonal nature of this invitation to communicate personally!) Just add my address to your address book and that is all there is to it!

Oh, one small detail: The address I am sending you will only work if you are sending mail from the e-mail address you just gave me! If you use any other mail accounts, you need to enter them separately. As a result of this, if you give my address to a friend it wont work for them! They should come here and get their own address. Feel free to let them know how it works, as a friend of yours is a friend of mine!

Warning, never post your email address on the web anywhere unless you want spam! Trust me you will get lots of it if you do that.. where do you think it comes from?

Now go to your inbox, and "reply" to my address, and we can communicate!