The Sawdust festival is put on each fall in Bennington, Oklahoma. I think the whole town shows up.

Bennington is not a huge town, so this festival is probably a significant percentage of the local economy! (At least when the festival is in session!)


This is a combined dulcimer and also a tractor show. I suspect the thinking is that the guys wont be interested in dulcimers. Most appear to be, but the tractors got a lot of attention too.
The campgrounds as a panoroma.

In Internet Explorer, click the image and get the arrow symbol, then click that and scroll around the picture.

The rigs are all clustered around the power poles making an odd looking arrangement.

On the left the Newell is parked. The festival is about 100 yards away across the empty field in the tents.

A hammered dulcimer workshop. There were several of these "vendor" tents around and some of the workshops are held there.
A panorama of the jam tent. I spent a lot of time here being mostly a guitar player. Some fun jams broke out, and were often pretty good!
Master works. That is the name of the "Wood and Strings" manufacturing facility. Mostly hammered dulcimers are made here, clearly they can just crank them out. The shop facility was very interesting.
Quentin Stevens mountain dulcimer workshop. Quentin and I played a stage set together at the festival.

Quentin is hidden behind a student he is helping in the background.

The listeners at the main stage. Sometimes it would be standing room only, and sometimes better performers would get little audience.

Go figure...

The main tent from the back.
A close up of the stage. The performers names didn't get saved, sorry about that guys!
A panorama of the workshop areas. In the background you can see the line of tractors. The parking on the left shows there are a fair number of attendees, but not a huge number.