Lahaina is a former whaling village on the southwest corner of Maui. Really quaint it is a joy to just be there.

The humpback whales winter just offshore, so I presume the whalers had an easy task.

Once Scott and I found this place we came back every few days for dinner or lunch as a break from being generally confined to the part of the island where we were working.


I think this was a hotel once, now shops. It may have been a boarding house for the sailors and whaling fleet that was based here for so many years.
The original missionaries home this guy started the sugar plantations on the island.
Shops on the main street by the waterfront. Given the age of the town it is amazing how wide the streets, narrow by todays standards, but they were built for horses and buggies when there weren't very many of them on the island.
More shops on the beach street.