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The contents of directory "Hana Coast":


This is the south east corner of the island very little rain and an extremely rugged coast. Some 40 miles away or so is the big island of Hawaii.
About half way around the unimproved road is this general store, very unexpected. Its apparently been here a long time. Hikers descending the cone from above exit the state park near here.
Rough road, rough coast too. Another one lane wonder that the rental car agreement says not to take.
The road going by a cattle pen. This is looking back through the rock cut we just drove through.
You can see the road going through the rock cut.
The road is blasted out of the face of the cliff, one lane mostly but two way traffic.
In this little stretch they put up a guardrail! How thoughtful! Very little of the road had guardrails!
Not far from Charles Lindbergh's grave.
A gorgeous waterfall next to the road. The crater gathers water and funnels it down this side of the mountain in a few streams.