This is the bigger and newer of the two volcanoes on Maui. It is still "active", the last eruption was just over 200 years ago.
The name "Haleakala" means "House of the sun".


Above the clouds at about 10,000 feet. Very near the summit. The lava is very dark in most places.
The parking lot for the observation point, the AMOS site is in the background.
The work we were doing on Maui was associated with the observatory in the background. They "pipe" the images down the mountain to a center by the sea, which is where we were working.
Scott Jednacz Down in the crater of the volcano. All the little cinder cones are from individual eruptions. The colors are amazing.. the reddish color is from iron in the lava that has rusted!
A shot of the inner cinder cones, see the panorama shots for more. Also see the dark lava flow across the scene from one of the more recent eruptions.