This drive was so incredible, I presume my father who loved road trips may have made the same journey once when he lived in Hawaii during WW2. He never mentioned it tho. This is the kind of drive he would have absolutely loved tho..


This is the north west side of the island going from Lahaina.
A very rugged coast, I believe a slump occurred here once. That would have made a tsunami big enough to make the one December 2004 look like a cakewalk. On the other side you can see the road and a car.
More slump face. The slump is where about a third of the island suddenly drops into the ocean. "Splash" on a gigantic scale..
A bay, the drive is extremely scenic. Somebody seems to have carved out a place to live from any small piece of ground whose slope is remotely workable. Note the house on the top of the cliff.
A rock cut to make the road possible. One lane- two direction traffic. Passing requires finding a "wide" spot like this one, you can see the tire tracks on the rock cut on the right and in the bushes on the left. Just past the bushes is a cliff.
Drive carefully!
Looking down the cliff at a farm. Did I forget to mention that the rental car agreement says I agree not to drive on this road?
"Local traffic only" yea right!