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The contents of directory "Around Maui":


The hotel "Lobby" looking down from Scott's room on the 7th floor. You can see the ocean right next to the hotel. No beach directly in front, just rocks. Poor swimming.
Me not far from the needle in the crater of Haleakele.
Me with the needle in the background, an old lava plug. The lava plug is on the older of two volcanoes on Maui "Haleakele" or "House of the moon". The newer volcano "Haleakala" or "House of the sun" is still considered active. This one is clearly not likely to erupt!
Scott looking up at the needle. Scott took almost all the photos. The valley has a convergence of 4 streams of water flowing very fast down the remnants of the crater. The valley is clearly eroded from the wall of the old crater.
The beach near the hotel. Looking down at an old "a a" lava flow. "a a" means "hurts your feet to walk on it" in Hawaiian! Duh
The sunsets are often incredible here. Probably sunrises are too, but never went to look..
The surf was 20 feet that day, note the two people on the beach at the lower right for scale. Surprisingly almost nobody was surfing in it. Later when the waves were up to 50 feet, the world came down to watch.
A small village on the side of Haleakala. Lots of art galleries, all overpriced. Probably carefully designed to separate tourists from cash.