Funfest was one of those spur of the moment things. My uncle Jesse Swift said "Lets go to Funfest this weekend". Well if I take off two days for traveling.. ok! So we went!

Loved it, may do it again!


The Newell, dry camping. We did manage to get some electricity but just enough to keep the batteries charged.
The workshops. Each shed had a different workshop that began each hour.
Cindy Simmons playing her harp.
Part of a harpers workshop. Tuning up..
Tuning tuning tuning, lots of strings.
More tuning for the harp workshop.
The workshop. Check out the baby harp almost hidden by her legs!
Lots of families. And the rule is bring your own chairs! Notice the tent in the workshop area. This is the only festival I have ever seen where there is no boundary between the camping and the festival. Really cool!
A jam including me on Guitar #3.
Another jam with me and Guitar #3.
More of the same jam.
The barns. Workshops were scheduled in places like "Poultry 2", or "Rabbits", etc.
Visiting. All kinds of folks attend.