This is from the Fall Fling of 2003. The flings are held twice a year, its a private party of musicians held in the woods near Conroe Texas.

Tent camping in the woods, very relaxing.

Wonderful people!


Sunrise on the way to Conroe, what a way to start the weekend.
A path to some distant camp. The tents are off in the woods mostly out of sight.
Jean Lyon by the communal sacred fire.
Jeanie Donovan - one shoe off, one shoe on. Lets see now.. what happens next?
Sunset on the way home.
More of the sunset.
Camp, note the outhouse on the left. That's a FLUSH toilet too! It should be obvious from the number of coolers everybody starves here!
The pond and gazebo. Trails go off to campsites, and make a wonderful walk at night.
Jim Dale by the communal fire.
Jeanie in the main circle. The context of the earlier photo!
Entry road to the CALM camping areas.
The path off to our camp site.