Hurricane Rita Radar Loops

As Hurricane Rita approached the Gulf coast on the weekend of September 23, 2005 I got the idea to watch the loop offered by the national weather service radars. Nice video, but I didnt think it lasted long enough.

So I had one of those light bulb moments, I would write a little application to copy the Houston weather radar image onto my computer every 10 minutes. Since the code to do this was already written it just needed to be adjusted to get the radar data I was interested in. That worked, so I added the Lake Charles radar to the list to download. One or the other of them should get a good movie for later replay.

These are big files, right click on them to save target as.. then run the movie from your hard disk.

Here are the results:

From Lake Charles. (14.3mb) This is painful to watch as the last images are when the eye of the hurricane decimates the area and the radar goes offline. I dont know if it was destroyed or just dammaged. But the whole area clearly took a direct hit.

From Houston. (22mb) Watch the eye fall apart as it progresses over the land.

I have to thank Dr Greg Westbrook for stiching the individual images into the AVI files you see here.