My personal website is not public. Sadly a few misguided individuals are ruining the internet, in the name of their fun and profit. My apology for the inconvenience. Automated programs also have damaged the experience by scanning the web for information for sale, not to be shared for free.

Another sad aspect of the modern Internet is spam. Spam is anything that happens that you didn't knowingly invite. E-mail has become choked with so much junk, that the real messages are hidden in the clutter. For that reason I don't give out my e-mail address directly. Instead, I ask you to fill out a form, and give me your e-mail address. You will be sent an email with my address. Sorry for the inconvenience...

You can contact me by following this link

Viruses are another topic. The Internet is now actively hostile. How sad. The Internet provided the first opportunity in a long time for the voiceless to speak. So when you are getting spam and viruses, just ask yourself: Whom does it benefit to silence you? Should you know anybody participating in such hostility, how does it benefit you to be silent when your "friend" is attacking you?

Notice that no effort is being made to restore your voice. The clutter is called "free speech". It is protected.

What about "free and selective listening?" Isn't that really what the right is? A person should be able to hear any message they seek. Not be expected to accept any arbitrary message that is forced upon them.

Liberty is a precious thing. Do we protect it or let it go?

Thank you,

Dana Swift

(The one in Tulsa...)