Making the sides consists of cutting the end blocks, cutting the sides to length, bending the sides (using the new jig), bending the cutaway pieces, then gluing the three blocks, and three bent sides into a hoop the exact size and shape of the final guitar.

The sides hold their shape by themselves, there is no stress on the top or back.


Here are the two Mahogany sides after bending. The heat from bending brings some of the sap to the surface making ugly stains that have to be removed.

The new bending jig works so well these sides don't need touching up in a pipe bender. Much nicer than the old way..

The cut-away bender. Once again you can never have too many clamps!

This is the easy peice to bend but it takes just as long as the full side.

Curly maple sides in the female form getting a fit check. This one is ready to glue in the end blocks.
Only the neck block is glued in at this time, the other blocks are just getting their test fit.
Test fit again.
Glueing in the neck block.
the upper and lower sides with the end blocks glued to one side only. Ready for final gluing and completing the hoops.
Another shot of the upper and lower sides ready for assembly.
Glueing in the end block, joining the two sides. One more joint still to glue before the hoop is complete.
Three side sets all ready for top and bottom assembly. They really show the final form now. The value of the high accuracy bending is very evident now.