The back begins with joining the two halves of the back as a book matched joint. Then the back braces are made. Lastly the braces are glued to the back and it is cut to rough shape.


Here a set of back braces is being shaped on the band saw. After this step is a lot of sanding.
Three sets of back braces ready to join together like a jigsaw puzzle. The slots were cut with a router and should just mate snug in the final assembly.

The main braces and keel will be shaped on a sander which has not yet been done when this picture was taken.

Final sanding a curly maple back set. Here the back is emerging from the thickness sander after getting a pass of 220 grit sandpaper.

Its much easier to sand before its turned into a back and gets warped onto a 12 foot sphere!

Then thickness sanding the back braces for three backs in a single pass. Clearly there is room on the sander for another set of braces.

This process turns out to be one of the easiest. Not many things can happen to multiple guitars all at once!

Here are the final sanded backs for three guitars.

Time to get them into the 12 foot radius dish for glueing up the back braces.