This isn't the shape of the guitar! This is the shape that has been computed to generate the shape of the guitar after the wood "springs back" after bending.

A detailed analysis of bending characteristics of the particular sides involved resulted in a formula to relate the mold to the finished product. Based on that, a computed curve for the mold was generated, and wallah! This shape- - -


It looks kind of heart shaped! How appropriate going into valentines day! Its Feb-4 2005 when this fixture was complete.
This picture file was lost during a hard disk crash! Woops.. The wooden blocks were cut from an old palette! Nothing like recycling good solid woods. The brass pipes used for spacers have washers soldered to the ends of the tubes to center the pipe over the all-thread pins.

Its a simple fixture with a lot of engineering hours in it!

First effort with the new calibrated over bending fixture. The side broke.. a "Learning experience"!
Ok- now add some blocks to use with clamps to hold the sheet metal closer to the desired shape.
First semi-successful experiment!
An old woodworkers axiom is: You can never have too many clamps! Its true!
Another view of the new fixture. At the lower left you can see the LMI temperature controller.
One side under construction! This one came out less than 1/16" from the design at its worst point!

Thats the quality of bend this fixture was designed to produce.

This is yet another side being bent. The whole process is running much more smoothly now.
A shot from the other side.