This work was done in December 2004, these pictures were taken Christmas Day!

Yep that's dedication!

This particular fixture is being used now and did an incredible job of working as planned. What the fixture does is allow different peg head designs and scale lengths by changing a single part that's very easy to make.


My brother Robert, making a peg head gig on his Bridgeport Mill. To make longer lasting fixtures I am getting them converted over to being made from metal instead of wood.

For long term service this should help enormously with stability and repeatability.
The secret to getting high quality in manual machining, is the little TV looking thing to the upper left of the mill. The readout tells the exact position of the cutter to 0.001 inches.

When something is built that accurately it goes together very easily. (usually!)

Here the main plate of the fixture is taking shape. The fixture is a router guide to create the peg head face of the neck.

Metal shavings everywhere!

Test fit with the pieces already made.
Adding cutting fluid. The purpose of this is to make a bigger mess. It works very well.