Guitar #2

This was my first adventure in building acoustic guitars, as my very first effort was an electric. Unfortunately that one long ago ended unceremoniously in a dumpster somewhere. Quite appropriately! As a first acoustic, and in the intervening years my craftsmanship has improved radically.

This guitar sounded nice, but was difficult to play due to some design decision about the width of the neck. An untested idea implemented in wood turned out to not be such a hot idea. What happened was the necessary experience was gained and used in subsequent instruments.

Most of the features of this guitar are preserved in later instruments.

  • Mahogany: Back, Sides, Neck.
  • Ebony: Peg head cap and truss rod cover.
  • Spruce: Top, back braces, top braces.
  • Rosewood: Fingerboard.
  • Walnut: Bridge.


    The sides are made and joined.
    Fitting the top to the sides.
    Steve Mayfield checking the tuning of the top.
    Initial fitting of the back to the sides.
    All the major assemblies in a test fit.
    The lacquer finish really brings out the grain of the mahogany.
    Leveling the fret board.
    Gluing the bridge.
    Colleen Oliphant checking it out.