Music is me. I am music.

That is the best description of me I can make.

Music is the most beautiful part of me there is...


Cello and guitar at Kerrville 2000. The chellist is Dirja Smith, the sound she provided my music created a new definition of beauty I hope to capture in a recording someday.
On stage at South Texas Music Festival. The stage was in the "hog barn" and was the best stage at the festival. Very intimate with the audience!
Playing at a birthday party for Iris Tate. Here I am playing a Taylor 614, it was my favorite guitar before I built #3.
Two handed techniques. Reaching over the left hand to add bass notes out of reach with the fingers of the left hand. Also note the partial capo, a feature "built in" to my own guitar designs.
"Two handed finger style". This technique has been fun to explore, a significant percentage of my compositions use this technique.

Here I am playing guitar #3 at Winfield Kansas 2004.