For quite a few years I have harbored an interest in 3D photography. From time to time I have made varous 3D viewers with excellent results. This is an example of recent experiments in that continued interest.

Every method I have tried has advantages and disadvantages, what I have put on the web is designed to work well there as each image is saved as a single JPEG. My other techniques either require expensive hardware, or a complex setup before viewing.

These are Anaglyphs which means you need special glasses (around $6) to view them. Specifically you need Red/Cyan Anaglyph glasses to view these photos. You can order the glasses from many suppliers on the web, I cant recommend any one over another. However I do suggest that the little cardboard glasses will not be satisfactory for long.. I use the high dollar plastic ones! They work great.

Making the photos:

I use a Cannon S2-IS camera and take two shots from the vantage point of the left and right eye. I always take the left eye first, then the right eye, that makes processing them later much easier because you know which image should get what treatment. I use photoshop 6.0 to combine the photos into an Anaglyph. The script is easy to generate once you understand Photoshop. There must be other ways to construct these 3D results, and perhaps re-register the two images better. That is how I have done these.

Using Photoshop has the additional advantage I can tweak the colors in the resulting Anaglyph. Since I do this on my monitor I apologize if the colors are out of balance on yours.

I dont worry about the last picky details, for my purposes colors and registration just needed to be close, this is just fun!

Enjoy- Dana


This is a shot of my backyard looking over the flowerbeds and leftover firewood from the winter of 2005/2006. I liked the firewood in the foreground as it helped with the 3D effect considerably.
Another shot of the flowerbeds and firewood, looking more to the south relative to the previous shot.
My neighbors play house. This thing is actually up on stilts about the second floor level of their house, but the hill I live on slopes down that much that quickly. So these poor kids climb up into their secret lair only to look out at the ground level of my lawn!
Another view up through the flower bed. The tree in the foreground helped with the 3D effect.